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Our goal is simple. We want to help grow your business.

Celador Media is a “full-service” firm that caters to all business types and specializes in website services, digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). We are committed to providing our clients with the expertise and proficiency to help your small business reach the next level. Our team of dedicated professionals have over 10 years experience in the digital landscape and maintain all the necessary skill sets to grow any company with a variety of services. Bottom line, our high-level services are focused on improving your website and online presence to increase your overall business.

Website Services

Whether you need a new site or want to upgrade your existing, we provide complete website services to turn your vision into a reality.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing leverages web-based channels to spread the message about your brand, products, or services to potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Want your website showing at the top of search engines? We utilize advanced search engine optimization strategies to help get you there.

Full-Service Firm

While other companies offer related services, Celador Media prides itself on being a full-service firm that won’t nickel and dime you at every opportunity. We believe in providing our clients with a one-stop solution that can handle all your website and marketing needs. Not only we do provide you with a carefully crafted road map to success, we also perform all the legwork so you can stay focused on your running your business. That’s quite different than most companies who only offer tools or software, as we go beyond the identification and move right to the execution. Quite simply, your success is our success.

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Small and Medium Business Growth

From our strategic approach of Local SEO intertwined with Digital Marketing, we know how to get your small or medium sized business directly in front of customers. Through immediate focus on growth of localized rankings we’re able to increase your company’s appearance in specific regional search results. As natural visibility continues to improve we support this through digital marketing efforts. Email marketing campaigns and active review acquisition keep your customer base engaged even after the sale or service is completed. Turn their first transaction into a positive experience and provide consistent follow ups to create a lifelong customer.

Reputation Management

Ranking high is only part of the equation when it comes to search engine optimization; the next aspect is ongoing reputation management. This includes how your business approaches review acquisition, responds on all platforms (like Yelp or Google My Business) and general customer communications. A negative review is one thing, but how your brand responds is a major indicator of what your company will do to resolve an issue and makes a huge impression on existing or new customers. We know how to construct a response that will provide a positive outcome that prospective clients can view.

Strategic Business Consultations

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Want to form a company and be your own boss? Have a vision but it’s still blurry? It’s true that building something from the ground up can be a daunting process. So don’t go it alone – schedule a consultation with Celador Media to develop a strategic business plan. We can help you organize an agenda and manage time to follow through with growth focused projects. With our “know how” of generating practical results, we can help you avoid the pitfalls many young businesses can experience. Get started following your dream on the right foot by consulting with our team today!

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Celador Media has been amazing. They helped me create a new website that looks spectacular and made sure I was satisfied throughout the process. Couldn’t be happier with their services. Thanks!

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