With 200 known factors that Google considers for ranking websites, it’s more important than ever to optimize your website through detailed keyword research. The digital landscape is built around unique algorithms that robots (Google’s cool name for its indexing tool) use when crawling web pages on the internet.

This process is designed to rank websites in search results by prioritizing how relevant the web page based on the user’s search intention. Celador Media offers data driven keyword research services to optimize your website and increase visibility in online search results. I know that sounds complicated, but we’ll break it down further and hopefully make it all easier to understand.

Keyword Research Services

The first step is deciding which keywords you want to target. What is a keyword? It’s simply the word(s) you type into Google when searching for something.  

Put yourself into the shoes of a potential customer for your business. What would this customer type into Google to find your business, product or service? If you’re a mechanic, they would probably type in “mechanic”, “auto repair”, or other similar search terms.  

Company and Industry Research

To really maximize the effectiveness of your keyword list, we begin with a detailed analysis of your company and the associated industry. This includes research of the competition to better understand what is working and is not working for them already. Our approach is designed to avoid competitor’s historical mistakes by using this data to plan out solutions from the beginning and quickly improve your keyword performance. 

Keyword Analysis

Icon of analyzing short-tail and long-tail keywords for search engine optimization.

With the knowledge of your company and industry, we organize each word, associated words and phrases into groups based on search intention.  Search keywords relate to where a person is in the buying process, so we align every stage to increase conversion potential. For instance, a confused buyer is likely to seek out additional information elsewhere. 

By breaking down the buyer’s journey, we’re able to assess what Google search queries drive the most traffic at each step. We then define which words & phrases provide the highest likelihood of converting into a lead or sale. This allows us to cast a wide net over the whole buying process and allows us the opportunity to direct visitors to the correct funnel, regardless of how they get to your website. 

Short-Tail Keywords and Long-Tail Keyphrases

To boost potential traffic drivers, we focus efforts on both short-tail keywords and long-tail search terms. For example, a short-tail keyword would be something like “mechanic”, whereas a long-tail keyword would be “bmw mechanic in los angeles”. Obviously, the goal is to rank high on Google for both search terms, but the strategy to achieve that can be very different. 

Additionally, we’ve noticed that many search engines are becoming accustomed to search queries in question form. “Where can I find a mechanic in los angeles?” would be an example of this kind of query.  

So as we see more searches moving into more of a question form, expanding the reach (for short-tail and long-tail keywords) becomes critical to obtaining and maintaining high rankings. Whether the search term is broad (“mechanic”) or specific (“bmw mechanic in los angeles”), we’ll discover which keywords to focus on and optimize your website to rank for them all. 

Keyword Mapping 

Our team of SEO specialists carefully reviews your website to strategically align target keywords with specific pages on your website. This is extremely important because we want the landing page to satisfy the specific query so that we can obtain the best results. Again, it’s crucial that the search query used to get to your site leads to relevant information for the visitor. We’ll determine your customer’s intent and lead them to the appropriate webpage that matches up with their search. 

Keyword Tracking 

In addition to doing all the initial analysis and leg work, it’s equally important that we monitor our progress by tracking keyword positions to monitor results and adjust our approach as needed. Once top results are achieved, our team maintains these rankings by frequently auditing the SERP’s (search engine results pages). Through ongoing research, we continue to amend your website to stay current with best practices, while capturing any emerging keywords before your competition. 

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