Brand Identity

What is a Brand Identity?

Brand identity is quite simply the visual elements of a brand to create a perceived image of your company. This includes the logo, color tones, and “feeling” that consumers generate when relating to a specific company.  It’s important to note that a logo can symbolize the business, while not being limited to the only form of branding. All of the mentioned elements come together and define the identity of your brand.

Creating a Brand Identity for Your Company

The creation of a specific brand identity involves creating a consistent appearance and voice that your company becomes known for. Companies with memorable branding become more engrained in the mind, so you’ll quickly identify them without even realizing it. A well-designed brand identity increases the value of ad impressions as consumers are more likely to recall the company later, without remembering exactly where they had even seen the ad. Brands like Coca-Cola and Starbucks are great examples of successful brand awareness based on creating a brand identity that was consistent and executed properly.

Image of Coca-Cola bottles and cans laid out on a table.

Brand Identity Design

With as much as 80% of our perception being influenced by visual sense, designing an eye-catching brand identity is critical. This means choosing a color scheme that clearly illustrates your brand and resonates with your defined audience. There is a relationship between color and memory which increases recall of a brand. As well, utilizing the same fonts in written copy will encourage your audience to associate a specific font design with your branding. Celador Media will help you design the right brand identity for your company and reinforce to your customers via marketing, social media and various other channels.

Logo Creation

The design and creation of a new brand identity logo can be more involved than it seems. This includes employing an eye-catching form that allows flexibility of use. You’ll need to consider how it will look across multiple platforms and devices. Can the logo be scaled down for mobile without losing the obvious that recognition you are seeking? Not considering these factors early on can cause a lot of headache down the line when it needs to be altered for a different form of media.

Does your logo need a refresh?

Does your brand already have a logo that you’re less than excited about? Celador Media offers logo redesigns for companies that need a fresh look. We can work off of an existing look or provide an entirely brand-new take, to fully encapsulate the brand.

Style Guide Creation for Your Brand

Icon of logos created on various platforms for brand identity.

Not only is it important to create a brand identity, but you must then follow on your website, social media platforms, marketing, etc. That’s why we provide style guide creation, so your brand is able to consistently adhere to the look & feel rules set forth. This includes color scheme, usable fonts, logo with any allowed alterations and how it can be utilized, so brand assets always remain compliant.  Consistency is key so people know when they see your brand and can easily relate to it.

Building a Brand Identity

Once your brand identity has been defined, it is important to outwardly project the new face of your business. This is how potential customers, clients or followers will remember and relate to a brand when seen in the future. Frequent social media posts, emails blast and paid ad network marketing will help set your brand in the mind of consumers. All of this culminates into increased brand awareness so your company can be associated a specific color pallet or image. We include brand identity development within our Digital Marketing package but can also custom design various other options specific to your needs.

Let’s build something together.