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At Celador Media, we’re proud of all the work we do for our clients. Whether it’s building a brand new website or managing digital marketing efforts, every project is a direct reflection of our company. We work tirelessly to ensure that their needs are not only met, but far surpassed. This stems from our core philosophy that our clients success is our success.

We pride ourselves on the design and development of engaging websites that enhance our client’s brand for years to come. We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses from those just starting out who require full web development service to the established sites that need to improve their ranking on search engines such as Google. We have been there before and know how to succeed. Below are some of the clients we’ve worked in the past or still working with now.

  • Homepage screenshot of Wretched Sin
  • Homepage screenshot of Cornerstone Outdoorspaces
Cotton Gin No. 116
Project Details

Celador Media did a full refresh of Cotton Gin No. 116’s website while moving it to a different hosting service. We manage all of their social media accounts and digital marketing efforts including Facebook Advertising and Google Ads. Our team also handles their ongoing SEO efforts for ranking within the Brookshire, TX region.

Pizarro Mortgage Banking
Project Details

We developed a new brand identity and website for Corona, CA based Pizarro Mortgage Banking. Our team created a personalized SEO strategy to focus efforts on capturing top ranking position for industry specific keywords. We also manage their social media handles and Google My Business account.

Silver Star Moving and Storage
Project Details

Celador Media built their new website from scratch, performed SEO and put together marketing campaigns to increase traffic and customers. Their local SEO efforts centered on industry specific keyword growth in Gardena and the surrounding regions, improving their overall visibility. Silver Star also experienced a noticeable surge in online reviews by implementing and maintaining a revamped approach to active feedback acquisition.

Dungeon by the Sea
Project Details

Celador Media helped build their website, performed SEO and put together comprehensive Google Ad campaigns to increase traffic, customers and ROI. We’re currently focused on organic search result positioning to grow their audience and overall visibility.

Fernandez Insurance
Project Details

Celador Media worked with Los Angeles based Fernandez Insurance on every aspect of their online presence. We started with a complete logo redesign, providing multiple options and refining the look based on their feedback. Our team also developed a personalized local SEO strategy to focus on improving organic search result rankings.

Vaporizer Review
Project Details

We started from a vague concept with this project which allowed for our creativity to shine. Starting with the logo design, our team went on to design and develop their website. To quickly address ranking, a log of back links were generated across network of industry relevant blogs. Celador Media also assisted with their digital marketing campaigns, which was responsible for growing their email list and amount of followers on all social media platforms.

Project Details

Our team currently manages all of their social media platforms and has helped them achieve nearly 100% growth (followers and engagement) in a very short time. We’ve also helped create CTA’s on their website with the goal of increasing sales and growing their email marketing list. Online advertising (Facebook and Google), email marketing and promoting Indiegogo campaigns are some of the other tasks Celador Media is currently assisting with.

Vaporizer Galaxy
Project Details

Celador Media was responsible for creating their website and is currently working with them on personalized SEO strategy to help improve the organic search rankings on Google and other search engines.

Wretched Sin
Project Details

Celador Media designed and built a website for the record label, Wretched Sin. As new bands sign to the label, we work closely with Wretched Sin to update their artists page and keep their website fresh. Our work also includes managing their online store as new products are released.

Cornerstone Outdoorscapes
Project Details

We helped create an online presence for Cornerstone Outdoorscapes by building them a brand new website to further expand their residential landscaping services. Our ongoing SEO efforts will ensure that their site is ranking for keywords specific to their industry in the greater Houston area.

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