Link Building

In order to rank higher in search results, websites need backlinks (links on other websites that link back to your website). It’s just that simple. Our proven link building services have been proven to increase traffic to your website.  If you’re not taking the time to build high domain authority backlinks, you can expect that the competition is. Our team will implement our proven link building tactics while you can stay focused on managing the increase in business from the additional traffic we generate.

Everyone has different goals for their website, so we tailor a custom backlink strategy to your needs. Our team understands that every niche is unique and requires a link building campaign specific to that industry. Don’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach; let Celador Media design a backlink strategy just for you.

Vector image showing the basic strategy of link building.

Latest Off-Page SEO Techniques

Best practices in the SEO world are constantly evolving, so it’s crucial to stay informed. Which can be very challenging when you have your own business to run.  Partnering with us means a stress-free way to improve your Off-page SEO without having to research latest techniques. It’s an ongoing process and we consistently renew pertinent certifications to remain a step ahead of the competition.

Domain Authority and Page Authority

All search engines utilize “bots” that “crawl” the internet to uncover new web pages and file them into their index. At the same time, they are examining the quality of the website and the specific pages to determine their authority (quality). The two basic types of authority are domain authority (the website as a whole) and page authority (each individual page of the website).

It’s important to have a strong link infrastructure that leads back to your website from reputable source with a high domain and/or page authority. This is a ranking score that usually can predict how high a site will appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The more relevant the information of a specific topic can be found on a web page, the higher page authority it will generate. All the different page authority scores of a website then contribute to the overall domain authority score of that site. That’s why it’s so important to have high-quality backlinks – quality over quantity.

Icon of a white hat for proper seo tactics.

White Hat Tactics

The Google algorithm is always changing, but being rewarded for playing by the rules remains consistent. Search engines are designed to provide highly relevant information based on search intent. Attempts to trick Google into ranking your website higher through lots of low-quality links no longer work. By generating a niche specific backlink strategy, we set a foundation of superior link building intended to support long term ranking.

Anchor Text

Along with coming from a high-quality site reputation, the anchor text (highlighted words that are clickable) must be optimized for the content it leads to. By aligning this text with the information that it is going to, the user will know what to expect on the new page they’re eventually going to land on. This will help prevent a high bounce rate of people landing on pages that don’t provide the answer or info they’re seeking.

Guest-Blogging for SEO

Our guest blogging services are aimed at getting links back to your site from reputable sources with high domain authority. The content is created by our in-house writers with a resourceful, not promotional, approach. With an available network of bloggers, we handle all the outreach and get placement that provides real readership. This helps build website reputation along with generating quality backlinks in the process. 

SEO Competitor Analysis  

To achieve higher rankings on search engines, it’s important to identify the top competitors in your industry. This allow us to research their current on-page and off-page SEO methods to determine existing successes and weaknesses. Avoiding obvious pitfalls and reinforcing best practices is the quickest way to rise in the SERPs. Our team has analyzed a range of sites across various niches and developed unique tactics to recognize what works and what doesn’t. Partner with the SEO Specialists at Celador Media to realize your potential growth!

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