Content Development Services 

In order to be successful, content needs to be informative or educational and consistently released over time. It must also be engaging to your target audience, as the goal is to keep visitors for as long as possible on your web pages. This translates to having a low bounce rate (visitors coming to your site and leaving before viewing another page) and a high time on site (time spent on your website). Both of these metrics are crucial for obtaining organic growth in search rankings. Developing pages that can become resources for visitors, and can be built upon over time, is a key factor for a website becoming an authority in their respective industry. 

Our team at Celador Media are experts in providing SEO driven content development services and can help design a strategy customized to your business. 

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Content for Your Specific Target Audience 

We research and get to know your target audience while developing your personalized plan of action. Our hands-on approach encourages a unique brand voice that speaks to your specific demographic. And then we produce insightful content that your audience will enjoy reading and sharing with others to generate conversions. We utilize a wide array of tools to analyze your website, your current audience and your target audience, so as to better understand what specific work needs to be done. By having a better understanding of your target audience, you can form your content around engaging this type of visitor and have a better chance of keeping them on your website for longer.

Existing Content Optimization 

Nearly just as important as creating new copy is optimizing the existing content on your website. So as a first step, our team focuses on optimizing your existing content before we start generating anything new. We perform a full sweep of your website to determine what valuable information we can immediately improve. With some quick “surgery” we’re generally able to see results in a short time period. This includes analyzing the effectiveness of existing content for keyword density (how often you use specific keywords) and it’s readability, as sometimes content can be too confusing for the reader.

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Content Creation Strategy 

After optimizing all of the existing content, it’s time to develop your strategy, as it’s very difficult to be successful without developing a content creation strategy that works for your business. We’re very hands on to ensure that the web pages, blogs or resources we create will align with your brand’s voice. And we know how to write SEO friendly content so not a single word is wasted or overused.  After carefully pinpointing which keywords or keyphrases we want to target, we develop a carefully constructed strategy to achieve those higher rankings. Nothing in the SEO world happens overnight, so it’s imperative to design a strategy that has realistic goals and realistic timetables.

Organized Content Calendar 

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In order to continue producing relevant topics, we map out a content calendar with educational information for your industry.  Our strategy involves building from previous pages to keep releasing fresh copy over existing. This is paired with brand new blogs, articles or pages of engaging material that is added on a regular basis.  Once again, our main goal is to engage the visitor and keep them on your website for as long as possible, so we create the content with that in the front of our minds. Maintaining a organized content calendar is another critical tool for ensuring your blogs or resources are released on a consistent basis for the search engines to crawl and eventually your users to become accustomed to.

Digital SEO Copywriting and Blogging 

Our content writing services rely on multiple data points to produce informative copy that can be used throughout your website. Everything is written with a focus on human intent to ensure readability. We combine this with keyword research to drive traffic while keeping a natural voice that individuals enjoy when engaging online. Unlike many other copy writing services that will create content with little to no research conducted beforehand, we spend the time (hours and hours) to research your industry and company to ensure we’re as effective as possible in intelligently engaging your audience. Otherwise, our goals for ranking in search engines become less a reality.

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