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What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the process of producing content, scheduling posts, analyzing insights and engaging with your audience on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But that’s only a handful of the possible social media platforms that your brand can and should be active on. A social media manager is a specialist who can actively handle all activity on your brand’s social media accounts. This can include developing a posting strategy, creating artwork & copy, and responding to comments while keeping your marketing goals front of mind.

Choosing a Social Media Agency

If you’re wondering how to manage your business while also staying active on every social platform, it’s probably time to consult a social media agency. Celador Media provides expert services that can help you develop a social media strategy to increase audience, engagement and overall sales. We take the time to learn your business objectives and align with your marketing goals. Instead of the same generic process, our team provides a hands-on approach to learn what your audience wants and creates a custom strategy for your brand.

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Content Creation for Social Media

One of the hardest aspects to achieve towards a successful social media strategy is consistency, which starts with reliable content creation and thoughtful planning. From the visual artwork to the written copy, Celador Media handles it all when managing your social media accounts. We focus on the social platforms that are most relevant to your brand to make the largest impact with each post. This includes competitor research to effectively build off successes within your industry. We keep our ear to the pavement and employ the latest strategies while developing unique angles ahead of your competition. Soon you will notice competing brands following the same approach that Celador Media employs with your business.

Social Media Posting Services

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Consistently posting and the engaging with your audience can take a lot of time away from running a business. The more you expand audience reach, your time is spent following up with comments and direct messages. And the longer it takes to respond, the more likely a customer leaves a negative review or comment.

We schedule ahead of time for regular post frequency that aligns with the time your audience is most likely online. As we manage your social media accounts, our team learns the best days of the week and specific times in which to post for optimal engagement. And our close monitoring ensures that no comment or direct message is not responded to within a timely manner. Reliable follow up can be tough when running a business throughout the day.

Social Media Reputation Management

Everyone makes mistakes, but the online review world can be very unforgiving to brands that don’t know how to handle their social media reputation management. Our team understands that people want to be heard and for companies to not only take responsibility for, but outwardly acknowledge their misstep(s). We’re not afraid to listen to the customer’s problem and provide a resource or direct solution with public responses. This is an opportunity to grow as a company, while showing your brand’s willingness to accept responsibility and learn from it. It’s all about maintaining a positive brand identity.

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Nowadays, there are a LOT of social media platforms. And most, if not all of them, prioritize the mobile experience because people are using their phones vs. a desktop computer more and more. As of 2021, 55% of overall website traffic was on a mobile phone and the average US adult spent nearly 4 hours a day on their phones! And those numbers are only growing. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube have become the central hub for people from all demographics and regions to connect. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your reputation on these platforms is properly maintained and the communication between your business and it’s customers remain a high priority.

The most important platform for any local business to prioritize is Google My Business, which shows up whenever you perform a local search on Google. Creating, optimizing and maintaining your GMB listing is a critical component to ensuring that your business and website gain favor with Google and it’s billions of users. At Celador Media, we understand the importance and emphasis of Google My Business for any local restaurant, store, service provider, etc., so we implement various proven strategies to optimize your listing and make it stand out from your competitors. This includes posting weekly announcements, responding to reviews and encouraging your existing or current audience to help promote the listing via posts or positive reviews.

Advertising on Social Media

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Along with organically growing your audience, social media advertising is the process of using paid ads to increase your reach on social platforms. There are a lot of advertisement options and marketing on social media is a constantly evolving landscape. Our team makes relevant ads that target the interests and needs of your defined audience. Through consistent analysis, we ensure that our targeting evolves to include previously untapped markets. While we include social media management with our Digital Marketing package, we can also custom tailor an option specific to your needs.

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