Local SEO

Have a local business that only targets customers within a specific city or region? Then a focus on local SEO is probably what you need. This type of search engine optimization focuses on targeting keywords within your distinct service areas and typically utilizes more long-tail keyphrases. In simpler terms, your business will show up in search results for people in your area. For a lot of small businesses, this is the most important and effective form of SEO strategy to implement, as it lead to the greatest ROI (return on investment). Located in Los Angeles, Celador Media is experienced in driving local traffic to small businesses and even larger corporations by improving organic search results specific to their target audience locations.

Why Do I Need Local Business SEO Services?

Much like global search engine optimization, our local SEO services are centered around increasing your business listings in search engine results, but with more focus on the regional level. Appearing in the top of local results improves online visibility to drive motivated traffic to your website and ultimately sales.  When you need to ensure that customers find you locally, turning to local search engine optimization should be an integral part of your SEO game plan. Quite simply, your competition will maintain a large advantage over your own business if you’re not using local SEO services to bring in focused traffic. We strongly recommend improving your online presence by reaching motivated locals who are specifically seeking out your products or services. 

Image of sign showing that a local store is open for business.

Google My Business Account Management

The first step to making it easier for potential customers to locate your business is creating and managing a Google My Business (GMB) account. We can’t understate how critical this component is. It’s the best method for communicating to Google your business information (type of business, website, phone number, email, business hours, location, etc.). Without setting up a Google My Business account, you’re leaving Google to guess this information, which can lead to some pretty disastrous results. Fortunately, our team knows the best methods to setup and maintain your GMB in order to convey the proper information to Google and thereby reach the widest audience within search engines. We also know what sort of content and information drives the highest conversion rate and will eventually lead to increased revenue. 

Icon of Google My Business.

Business Directory Maintenance

Another key factor in local SEO is adding your business to other directories besides Google. We’re very familiar with all the major directories on the internet and have the expertise to build new business listings on niche and local directories to grow your online visibility. In fact, there may be existing listings for your business that you don’t even know about, which could contain inaccurate, outdated or completely erroneous information. We’ll clean those up. And if there are currently any duplicates on these directories, Celador Media knows how to properly manage them so that only the correct versions appear.

Local Keywords

Icon of storefront for small business in Los Angeles.

Now that you’re setup on directories, how do you ensure your website or business is showing up on the top of local search results for specific keywords? For instance, if you type “mechanic” in the search bar, by default Google will take a look at where you’re searching from and provide results within your area. So then is it necessary to target words like “los angeles mechanic”? The short answer is yes. Using more specific keywords or keyphrases that include the location of your service areas is yet another signal to Google and will ultimately help your website for both short-tail and long-tail keywords. Also, many people choose to use incognito mode or other private browser settings to disguise where they’re searching from. For those instances, it’s required the user use a specific location within their search query to produce the local results they need, otherwise they could be served results for a mechanic in Kansas!

Local Pack

You may notice that alongside the normal organic search results in Google are something called a “Local Pack”. We’ve all seen this, but how does it work and how do I get my business to show up here? Google only displays the local pack for searches it deems appropriate, so don’t expect a local pack to appear every time. They generally reserve it for local business searches like restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc. You’ll also notice that the information included within the local pack is considerably different than what appears in the normal search results. For instance, a “restaurant” search will include a business rating, serving option (dine-in, takeout, delivery), hours, and estimated cost ($$$).

Image of local pack generated by Google for local search results.

The algorithm for determining which businesses show up on top is similar to the normal organic search results, but takes a much stronger consideration towards the specific location of the person making the search query. It also strongly considers the amount of information the business has already supplied Google through Google My Business and other signals. Google has also started a new service called “Google Guaranteed” that allows for businesses to pay for premium placement atop the local pack and also provides insurance and security benefits for the customer.

Geotargeting Based on Data

To further optimize your web presence with SEO services, we specifically target geographical regions based on current trends. We know how to maximize your reach through market research and discover rising keywords before your competitors. We’ll get you top ranking for terms that the competition doesn’t even know about yet. 

Multilingual Targeting

Have customers who speak another language? We can help with that. In order to reach the widest customer base, we’ll create alternative variations of your website in multiple languages. We utilize full translation and not just transcription to ensure that the proper voice carries over in each version. This will rapidly increase your audience through multilingual targeting online. 

How Can Celador Media Help?

We offer customizable Local SEO packages with affordable pricing options to help any size business. If you need to drive more traffic to your website or to your physical store, we can help. Our team knows how to implement strategies and techniques that can improve rankings within a short span of time.

Let’s build something together.