Search Engine Optimization

SEO, what is that? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. And that simply means to optimize your website so that it appears at the top of results in search engines like Google or Bing. A whopping 57% of clicks go to the top three results on Google, with the numbers dropping drastically from there as you move down the page. That means optimizing your website to improve where it appears in search search engines will help you see an increase in website clicks and sales or leads. We take the guesswork out of search engine optimization by providing a results driven road map to success with a proposal that is personalized to your business.

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“How do I get more people to my website?”

The simple answer is increased visibility and traffic when people search for your company, products or services on Google. We’re able to do this via our search engine optimization efforts that have proven to be successful many times over. Additionally, we will position your brand as an authoritative voice that can educate the industry you represent, increasing your online presence.

“My business doesn’t show up in local searches.”

We specialize in local SEO, which can help grow your relevancy for “near me” searches that continue to increase in popularity. Ranking in local search results drastically improves your odds of reaching motivated and local customers with the intent to make a purchase or request a service. Whether Los Angeles based or anywhere in the country, let us make your site easier for the neighbors to find and you’ll quickly notice the rise in business.

“I want my company to show up on Google.”

Considering how many people utilize this search engine on a daily basis (over 3.5 billion daily searches), the higher you appear in the search results, the more eyes you get in front of. And those eyes lead to more website traffic and sales. We’ll increase your ranking on search engines through our advanced SEO (search engine optimization) efforts and strategies.

“How can I rank higher on Google?”

With nearly 2 billion websites listed on Google, there is some pretty stiff competition out there when it comes to capturing the first spot or even first page of Google. We know the techniques and strategies to get your site standing out in the crowd and at the top of search results.

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How do we help you rank on Google?

Celador Media utilizes only “white hat” SEO techniques, meaning our strategies are Google-approved to maintain the integrity of your website while improving the search ranking. It all starts with a strong foundation, so we begin with on-site optimization such as improving meta-tags, url structure, developing internal linking and ensure the crawlability is up to par (helps Google find your site). By setting a well established base to work from, our long term efforts become more effective at gaining visibility for your site. Once your website begins to rank high for various keywords, you’ll see the big payoff with increased traffic and conversions. The dividends from these rankings are priceless. The process starts by performing a thorough SEO audit of your website to find where our efforts are needed most urgently.

Keyword Research

We take the stress out of making and keeping your business relevant by providing in-depth keyword research paired with thoughtful content generation. Our team takes the time to discover topical short and long tail keywords to focus on when creating content throughout your site. Via detailed competitor analysis, we’re able to “know thy enemy” and form a plan of attack to improve ranking across an array of keywords. Every keyword is carefully planned and we utilize the best SEO software available to run daily and weekly scans to make sure we’re always staying relevant with the focused trending keywords.

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Short-Tail and Long-Tail Keywords

Our team knows there are a broad range of keywords that your business can rank for, so we rely on detailed keyword research to determine the most effective one’s to focus on. Once a short-tail strategy has been constructed with established goals, we align the efforts with long-tail keyword phrases that tend to be obtainable with short term achievements. This strategy adds depth to your website and has proven to be the best way to achieve the results that every business wants – ranking high on Google.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Taking advantage of the existing landscape gives you an immediate idea of what rankings matter most. Our team quickly drills down what keywords are most relevant to your business through a deep competitor analysis. This includes a broad span of the industry competition, ensuring we cast a wide net to gather data on vital and unassuming potential keywords. Our SEO software (Moz and SEMRush) gives us detailed and thorough information that helps guide our efforts towards what’s going to give us the most meaningful traffic.

Local and Global Targeting

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Whether you’re a small business trying to capture nearby residents or a large corporation looking to reach a larger audience, we offer both local and global SEO options. Our local SEO techniques enhance your Google My Business account and position you in front of regionally specific customers. And if your business services a national or global network, we’ve got the experience to grow your search engine visibility to customers around the world. We can also optimize your Google Ads account to target specific customers by keyword or region, so you’re only spending money on customers that have a high potential to convert.

Local SEO

Nearly 50% of searches are seeking information related to local businesses, so if you’re not optimizing your local SEO then you are certainly missing out on potential customers. We ensure your website has all the necessary information and optimizations to target your local audience and increase traffic to your site. Our goal is to get your website ranking for all related keywords for potential customers in your targeted regions. We won’t settle for just the widest range either, our team works to capture rankings for a variety of geo-locations. Whether your business operates at a single address or out of multiple, we can handle either situation.

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Backlink Generation

A key aspect to ranking in search engines is the amount of quality websites that are linking back to your site, known as backlinks. We stress quality over quantity, because just creating a bunch of backlinks does not mean that will positively effect your rankings. In fact, too many bad backlinks can actually hurt your website ranking on search engines. The best links need to come from educational sources or websites that are relevant to your business and ought to be generated with consistency, which our team specializes in.

A blogger writing a guest blog on another website, in an effort to get good backlinks for search engine optimization.

Guest Blogging

Our team has a network of bloggers and writers that we utilize to generate quality backlinks with optimized anchor text. By posting links back to your site through well established and respected websites, Google recognizes the value and rewards your search rankings. The process of backlink building can be quite time consuming for those who don’t already have a list of contacts in place to call on for guest blog posts. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, just that we are likely get you where you need to be quicker and more effectively.

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Resourceful Content

To maximize potential engagement, Celador Media leans on resource driven content that consumers want to read. By providing in-depth and meaningful resources, you’ll notice an increase in time on site and pages viewed per session (both very important for SEO) as your audience digs deeper into your content. Through a vertical approach, we’re able to continuously build upon existing content to increase relevancy and keep quality content from aging. Producing thoughtful written material that not only lasts, but grows over time, leaves a lasting impact on your search engine rankings.

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No “Black Hat” SEO Tactics

Have you been tempted by “immediate results” SEO agencies that promise to get your website ranking within a few weeks? That does sound amazing, but they often use “black-hat” or “grey-hat” SEO tactics that can cause more harm to your site in the long run. Avoid the risk of getting a manual penalty from Google that can hinder your rankings for months (or years) by partnering with a team that focuses on “Google friendly” SEO techniques. Since the world of search engine optimization is constantly evolving, we also stay up to date on the latest strategies to keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Established Sources
  • Respectable Content
  • Informative Blogs
  • High Value Backlinks
  • Never Spammy
  • Frequently Updated
  • Highly Readable
  • Trending Topics

  • Only “White Hat” SEO
  • Evolving Techniques
  • Goal Focused
  • Google Friendly
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How do we measure success?

We work with our clients to define KPIs (key performance indicators) from the start to help us track growth and our focus efforts in the most valuable areas. Through dedicated monitoring and consistent reporting, we provide progress updates on predetermined goals. Our mindset and motivation is that “your success is our success” and we will not stop until you’re happy with the results. Our ultimate goal is quite simple; get your website ranking on search engines for the most searched keywords to increase traffic and conversions.

Let’s build something together.