How to Properly Set Up Google My Business

6 Steps to Complete Your Profile

If you want a Google My Business (GMB) listing that ranks ahead of your competitors, correct setup is important. Follow our in-depth guide to set up your Google My Business profile right the first time.

Setting up your GMB is rather straightforward. Like any Google product, it basically walks you through the process step by step.

Since you’re about to take valuable time out of your day, you’re probably wondering “why use Google My Business?” and that’s a good question.

As a main element of local SEO, GMB helps you get in front of more people who are searching for your products or services nearby.

It is important to provide accurate information when filling out all the fields during setup. Otherwise, you might be dealing with the 93% of customers who get frustrated when online directories provide incorrect information.

In this article, we’ll focus on how to setup your Google My Business profile from start to finish. Here is a quick outline of what we will be covering:

Google My Business homepage.

Login to Your Google Account or Create One

Simply log in to your existing Google account (the one you use for Gmail). If you don’t already have an account, creating one is easy.

Google sign in page.

Type Your Business Name

Once you’ve logged in, it’s time to locate and claim your business. If it already exists, it will appear in the dropdown menu as you type it in.

If you have entered the full business name and nothing shows up, that’s okay, you’ll just need to add your business to Google.

GMB find and manage your business.
GMB what is the name of your business?

Enter Your Business Address and Select How It Appears on Google Maps

If your business offers on-site/in-person visits, then you will enter that address so customers can locate you on Google Maps and Search.

GMB add a physical location customers can visit.
GMB add your business address.

If your business offers deliveries or a service that requires an at-home visit, you can add that information and even specify your service areas.

GMB service areas.
GMB where do you serve your customers?

Business with Multiple Locations

Does your business have multiple locations? When logged into GMB, scroll the menu to the bottom and you’ll notice a “Manage locations” button.

GMB manage locaton.

On this page you click the “Create location group” button and then you can add in all the locations that you want to manage.

GMB create location group.

Choose the Business Category that Best Matches

This step is very important as it heavily influences what search terms your business will appear on Google for. Look at some competitors to see what category they’ve selected if you’re uncertain.

It can be a bit frustrating having to type out category ideas to find the one that best fits your business, we’ve compiled a list of all Google My Business Categories that you can find HERE. Once you open the document, you can go to File>Make a Copy to save your own copy.

GMB choose your business category

Add Your Business Phone Number and Website URL

By entering your phone number and URL, you’re providing direct contact for your customers. Plus you can take advantage of GMB call tracking and add a UTM to your website link to track in Google Analytics.

GMB add in business contact details.

Pick a GMB Verification Option

You may have a few options for verifying for GMB profile depending on your eligibility:

  1. Post Card Verification – This is the slowest option, but available to all businesses. It entails receiving a postcard with a verification code that you enter into your GMB account. It’s the most commonly used verification method.
  2. Phone Verification – Not available to all businesses, you can tell if you’re eligible if “Verify by phone” is a listed option. With this method, you receive an automated message with your code.
  3. Email Verification – Like the prior option, this one is not always available. If listed, you’ll receive an email to the Gmail account connected to the GMB profile.
  4. Instant Verification – If you’ve previously connected your business’s website with Google Search Console, this method should be available.
  5. Bulk Verification – Ideal method for managing ten or more business locations.
GMB finish and manage this listing.
GMB choose a way to verify.

You’ve Set Up Google My Business – Now What Happens?

It’s time to make full use of your Google My Business profile!

This includes:

  • Write a business description worth reading
  • Adding photos and videos (make sure they’re geotagged)
  • Answer your frequently asked questions
  • Start posting on a weekly basis
  • Encourage reviews and manage responses

Now that you know how to set up your Google My Business profile, that’s just the beginning. And with lot’s of competition (even if your business is super niche) vying for a spot in the Local Pack, it’s crucial to use your GMB to it’s full potential.

Do you need engaging copy for your posts? Assistance with geotagging your photos? How about help getting some reviews?

Did you say or at least think “yes” to any of those questions?

Get in touch with me (Kyle) at Celador Media and I’ll help you turn your Google My Business listing into the money-making machine you want.

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